Does Art Matter in the Workplace?

Does Art Matter in the Workplace?

Art is not just a pretty picture, so what is its impact in the workplace?

As a horse and nature photographer, when I think of some the worlds great artists and photographers, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, or Ansel Adams, they didn't produce their best work in drab office cubicles surrounded by ugly walls. Unfortunately, many corporate interiors, by their very nature, cramp inspiration and the birth of new ideas.

That old look of uninspired cubicles is slowly giving way to open, collaborative work spaces full of fine art and inspiration. Framed photographic prints do have a bearing on productivity, creativity and overall worker satisfaction.

While is may not be clear why fine art photographs of horses and nature motivates employees, studies from all over the world show this to be fact. Many results showed employees working 15-20% quicker in enhanced art environments, plus they were up to 40% more productive if they also had personal input on the art in their personal space. Some prestigious universities suggest that photography shifts something in your brain and allowing you to see answers to problems otherwise overlooked.

Fine art photography has an amazing calming effect on the psyche not to mention the power to lower your blood pressure for example, which for some is imperative in the workplace. According to Forbes, 78% of respondents in a survey of over 800 employees working for 32 U.S. companies claimed that art in the workplace helped reduce their stress levels.

Art speaks volumes about your company. Thinking beyond aesthetics, if a picture is worth a thousand words, consider what you want your walls to say.