The Emotional Punch of Photography

A limited edition black and white photograph of a horse emerging out of the fog on a overcast day at the beach.

Limited Edition Print of 50

The moodiness of the early morning fog is ethereal and when the horse was set loose to make its way down the beach, it was truly a vision to behold as he emerged from the fog.

Mustang Moments

Limited Edition Horse Print of 50

Mustang Moments, a fine art photograph of a herd of wild mustang horses heading off into the sunset. Late afternoons a usually tranquil and peaceful. Lots of grazing and quiet time, then suddenly that internal alarm tells the lead mare its time to find safety for the night and their gone.

While my memories of photographing wild horses is immense, there was something special about being out on the range with a thunderstorm coming in. Horses were herding up in their bands and heading for shelter. I was blessed with several opportunities to capture images I knew would become amazing fine art prints.

Seascape fine art limited edition nature photography prints by Tamara Gooch.


Seascape fine art nature photo prints