Museum Quality Limited Edition Fine Art Print Styles and Frames

Here you will find a detailed guide on the various prints styles and framing that I offer. Whether you are a first time art buyer or a seasoned collector, this page will give you all the details you will need to make this important decision and feel confident that is right for you. No matter what medium you choose you will be getting the very best the industry has to offer with all my limited edition luxury fine art prints. All choices are museum quality with the full archival longevity you expect in a piece of art that will be as beautiful toady, as it will be for future generations.

Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic Prints - Truly the worlds best.

Lumachrome TruLife Acrylic Prints offer a superlative, luxurious display that no other fine art print presentation can match. The Lumachrome print is unrivaled by any other acrylic print medium. What sets the Lumachrome TruLife Acrylic apart from the rest? TruLife Acrylic reacts to direct light by providing a three-dimensional glow, similar to being back-lit, that allows the sharp details and colors of the image to shine through without distraction.

This museum quality print presentation is face-mounted with the worlds best 1/8" TruLife® Acrylic for a clean and modern look that is ready to hang upon delivery. The artwork is created on a silver halide photographic polyester base which was chosen for its optical clarity, color rendition and longevity. The fine art prints are incapsulated between a crystal clear acrylic base layer and gallery quality TruLife acrylic glass. The Lumachrome TruLife is crystal clear, non-glare and abrasion resistant. This expertly crafted work of art is thoroughly isolated form all elemental damage.

ChromaLux Dye Sublimation Fine Art Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe is one of the newest art mediums for Metal/Aluminum prints. The process will preserve your photos for generations (65+ years) by sublimating (infusing) dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Once the magic is done, you’re left with results that are truly vibrant and luminescent with unsurpassed detail and resolution. They are truly breathtaking.

Metal prints are the perfect medium for any home or workplace. Large fine art prints set the atmosphere, and make a statement. The anti-microbial surfaces make it the go to for the medical industry, conference rooms or lobbies.