About Tamara Gooch

tamara gooch

I love good food and good wine. I can get caught up in home improvement shows but I prefer to live my life seizing moment, the kind you remember on rainy days. I meditate as it sets me free to discover my true self. If Nature is my soul, then horses must be my heart. Sometimes when everything else seems to fail me, I can always find solace in the eyes of a horse.

My photography is a collection of my emotions and passion for the horse and the world around me.

For as long as I can remember I've had a camera in one hand and a horse in the other. I think it was a natural progression that my biggest passions merged into a dream vocation.

Having been a full time professional photographer since 2005, I still wake up each morning excited to see what the world will surprise me with. Horses and Nature never dissapoint.

"I believe that photograpy as art has a huge capacity to enlighten us. Images can make us happy or make us cry. They can make us feel relaxed and peaceful, even grateful. It can lower blood pressure and remove stress. Photography empowers us, it gives us a sense of wholeness, a sense of being part of something much bigger connecting us to nature.

A quick history

A master of her craft Tamara has been voted one of the top 3 equine photographers in the world and was one of the first celebrated women to be included in the Desert Caballeros Museum's esteemed 2012 exhibit, "Cowgirls with a Camera". Ranch & Reata magazine named Tamara one of the top 5 photographers they have ever published. Her images have won numerous awards and have been published extensively in numerous US and international publications.

For my fellow photographers:

I love sharing my knowledge and passion through my photography workshops, from one day intensive workshops to 14 day European adventures. Don't miss the Blog, the "News Page" or the "Photography Workshops" page.

"Without compare she is one of the most celebrated and talented photographer's of our time" ~ Linda Lockerz, Los Angeles CA